Horse Camp

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Connected Horsemanship Summer Camps

Our horse camps offer a very different way of working with horses.  There is so much to learn even for a person who is experienced with horses.   

Our program does not focus on a horseback riding skills based approach. Although you will learn horsemanship skills along the way.   We work with a model called Connected Horsemanship – this is a whole different concept of working with horses.   It starts with lots of connection and relationship building work on the ground in the round pen. We focus on building good healthy relationship principles for the human and the horse.  It progresses to riding in harmony with consent and cooperation from the horse.  It is a wonderfully mindful process which is based on bareback and saddleless riding first to build balance, mindfulness and presence with the horse before we ever ask a horse to do something with us.    It does not often progress to independent saddled riding very quickly. If this is something your camper would enjoy exploring – this different way of approaching life with horses – Join us for Connected Horsemanship Camps