Horses Helping People Programs

The Horses Helping People (HHP) is designed to provide recreational activities with horses on the ground and while riding for individuals with emotional, developmental and physical challenges.  Participants are supervised and taught by certified PATH and CHA Instructors and assisted by trained and dedicated volunteers. Activities are tailored to the needs of individual riders.

Natural Lifemanship –  Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy sessions,  offered with a licensed mental health professional are also available. Please inquire for more info on Natural Lifemanship therapeutic sessions ( . .


HHP programs are available for people ages 6 and older. The program is available to those with a wide variety of abilities and conditions. Riders should be able to balance and support themselves while seated. All riders will go through an intake assessment with our instructors to determine suitability of the program to meet their needs and goals.  Participants are welcome if activities with horses pose no contraindication or extraordinary threat to the safety of themselves, the staff, or the horse. A release form signed by a physician/clinician is required and used as a guideline to assist in determining eligibility.
HHP could not exist without the dedicated support of our volunteers! Volunteers go through a thorough training session covering horse safety, mounting and dismounting procedures, horse handling techniques, and incident prevention. Our riders often form a bond with that special volunteer that greatly enhances the riding experience.
Many riders report significant physical and emotional growth as a result of their consistent recreational riding experiences. Participants learn balance, coordination and often grow in confidence.  Some improve concentration and self-regulation. Muscle tone and balance often improves. Horses can give the rider a feeling of freedom, independence, and provide incentives for learning. Lessons are planned and designed to help meet the goals set by participants and their caregivers.