Typical Week-Long Camper Day

8:00 – Breakfast
9-11:45 – Activity Time
11:45 – All Camp Songs and Games
12:00 – Lunch
1-2:00 – Bible Study
2:15-3:45 – Swimming Time
3:45 – Showers
4:30 – Camp Ground Activities
5:30 – Supper
7:00 – Nightly Large Group Activity

  • Sunday – quick welcome worship
  • Monday – large group games and stargazing
  • Tuesday – outpost worship w/staff testimony
  • Wednesday – small group family night
  • Thursday – contemporary worship w/drama
  • Friday – morning Easter Service

9:30 – Campfire & Evening Devotions (may be earlier for young campers)
9:45 – Lights Out (May be earlier for young campers)

Spring, Summer and Fall Events

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Exceptional Persons

Join The Adventure!

Full Week | $550
Half Week | $300
Ages 18+ | 10:30-11AM

Please note for the safety and health of EP Campers and staff, campers will need to be able to walk 100 feet at a time over uneven terrain, climb/descend 1 flight of stairs, and use shower facilities without hands on assistance. Questions regarding requirements can be directed to Wesley Woods staff. Our adult friends with physical needs are encouraged to join us for one of our Exceptional Person (EP) Camps. EP campers will swim in the pool, participate in large group worship and daily Bible study, make crafts, and spend time in the Equestrian Center meeting our horses, Campers will be paired with other campers and a buddy/assistant to ensure they have the best experience possible! The week of June 28 will have a special Independence Day theme, so bring your favorite red, white and blue attire!

Exceptional Person Camp 1 | June 14-18
E. Person Camp (Half Week)| June 16-18
Exceptional Person Camp 3 | June 28-July 2

Full Week | $550
Time | 10:30-11AM

This camp was created for our EP campers that are looking for an added challenge during their camping experience. Safety is our number one priority at Wesley Woods, so campers registering for this camp will require a doctor’s signature stating that they are able to safely participate in the planned activities. For the safety and health of EP campers and staff, campers will need to be able to walk 200 feet at a time over uneven terrain – including hills and dirt trails, easily climb /descend 1 flight of stairs, and use rustic shower facilities without assistance. Questions regarding requirements can be directed to Wesley Woods staff. This camp was designed with the goal of helping our EP campers to gain self-confidence by successfully overcoming obstacles not normally faced in our everyday lives. All activities will be adapted for safety and for participants to feel successful. Adventure activities include rock climbing wall, canoeing, hiking, archery, and swimming in the pond. Campers will also tie dye, play games, and participate in Bible Study and large group worship.

Exceptional Person HA Camp | June 21-25


Inpost Full Week

Join The Adventure!

Ages 9-17 | 4:30-5:00pm-5:00pm

Ready for an Inpost camp adventure you’ll never forget? Join us for a week of swimming, canoeing, low challenge course, journeys, Bible study, and worship. We’ll spend time at the barn with the horse and visit the animals at the farm. A great stand-alone experience, or add an Upgrade for additional fun!

Parents and guardian, please note that as you register we do our best to create camp groups of similar ages – if your camper is coming with a friend, please be sure to note that as you register! However we cannot guarantee that bunkmates with an age gap of more than 3 years will be placed together.

Summer Adventure 1         June 6-11

SA 1 + Let’s Ride               June 6-11

SA 1 + Art in the Woods   June 6-11

SA1 + Campfire Cooking   June 6-11

Summer Adventure 2     June 20-25

SA2 + Let’s Ride             June 20-25

SA2 + Splash Zone           June 20-25

Summer Adventure 3           June 27-July 2

SA3 + Let’s Ride               June 27-July 2

SA3+Splash Zone             June 27-July 2

Summer Adventure 4            July 5-9

SA4+Let’s Ride                     July 5-9

SA4+Art in the Woods       July 5-9

Summer Adventure 5           July 18-23

SA5+Let’s Ride                  July 18-23

SA5+Splash Zone              July 18-23

SA5+Campfire Cooking     July 18-23

Summer Adventure 6         July 25-30

SA6+ Let’s Ride                 July 25-30

Summer Adventure 7          August 1-6

SA7+Let’s Ride                 August 1-6

SA7+Splash Zone               August 1-6

SA7+Campfire Cooking*     August 1-6


Wesley Woods is excited to once again offer our Summer Adventure upgrades. You can start and end with our Summer Adventure Camp – or you can choose an Upgrade adventure. Upgrades add a fun specialized twist to an already great camp experience. Campers that have chosen an upgrade will spend part of each day with others who haves also chosen that upgrade, enjoying selected activities. The shown upgrade fee will be combined with the Summer Adventure fee – example Summer Adventure 7 + Splash Zone is $515 ($480+$35 for the Upgrade). Have questions about our upgrade system? Please let us know how we can help by calling the site at 515-961-4523


Let’s create natural dyes, dig our own clay, and be inspired by the beauty of nature! This week we’ll spend time gathering materials from “The Woods” to create beautiful camp creations to take home, as well as a project to share with others during large group worship. (Available Summer Adventure 1,4)

LET’S RIDE | $50

This upgrade is a great opportunity for campers that are just a little horse crazy! Let’s Ride campers will have an arena lesson and trail ride, while getting to participate in many of our other fun camp activities. (Available Summer Adventures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


Ready for a week of water adventures? You’ll enjoy daily swims in the pool or pond along with night swims in the pool, creek stomping, and a trip to stand up paddleboard or kayak on Lake Ahquabi. A great option for hot Iowa summers. (Available Summer Adventures 2, 3, 7)


Aspiring chefs? This option has all the ingredients to stir up the tastiest upgrade yet! From bacon sizzling over the fire o a cool morning to an iron chef cook off – this upgrade is sure to make even the craziest cooking shows look tame. Campers will learn campfire safety, and cook one breakfast, lunch and dinner over the fire over the course of the week, as well as compete in an iron chef competition against another camp! (Available Summer Adventures 1, 5, 7)

Inpost Half Week

Ages 6-9 | 5:30pm-5:00pm

Join us for a half-week filled with fun camp activities! Swim in the pool, go creek stomping, make s’mores, participate in daily Bible Study, enjoy an arena ride at the barn, and so much more! Half the week, but definitely not half the fun! Mini Summer Adventure campers will stay inpost in air conditioned lodging.

Mini Summer Adventure 1 | June 20-22
Mini Summer Adventure 2 | June 23-25
Mini Summer Adventure 3 | July 18-20
Mini Summer Adventure 4 | August 1-3

72092 Mini Summer Adventure 5 | August 5-7

Day Camp

Ages 4-6 | 9:00am-5:00pm

Ready for your first camp experience? Come join us for a fun day of swimming, Bible stories, and s’mores. Campers will get to meet the farm animals, do a craft, and explore Wesley Woods! A great introduction to summer camp for our youngest friends! Family and Bring a Friend Discounts do not apply.

My First Camp Adventure 1 July 2
My First Camp Adventure 2 July 23



Join The Fun!

Full week | $480
Half Week | $384

Ages 9-17 | 4/4:30 -0-5:00pm

The classic Outpost experience! Cook breakfast and supper over a fire, enjoy lunch in the dining hall, sleep in one of our many outpost sites, swim in the pond and pool, go creek stomping, tackle the climbing wall, visit the equestrian center, canoe, and explore your faith with large group worship and daily Bible Studies.

Great Outpost Adventure 1 | June 6-11
Great Outpost Adventure 2 | June 20-25
Great Outpost Adventure 3 | June 27 – July 2
Great Outpost Adventure 4 (Half Week)| July 5-9
Great Outpost Adventure 5 | July 11-16
Great Outpost Adventure 6 | July 25-30
Great Outpost Adventure 7 | August 1-6

Ages 13-17 | 4/4:30-5:00pm-5:00pm

Join us for a week you’ll never forget. We’re opening registration to allow more campers than ever for this one-time flipped schedule event. Campers will explore Wesley Woods at night and experience a new meaning of community with unique chapels under the stars – created just for this group of teens. Night activities will include: night swims in the pool, glow challenge on the rock wall, fishing, large group games, and much more!   Night Owl Campers will enjoy meals both over a fire and in the dining hall, but will have Outpost accommodations.

Night Owls  | July 18-23

Outpost Half-Week

Ages 6-9 | 4:00pm-5:00pm

A full outpost experience created with our young friends in mind. Campers will learn about cooking over a fire, sleep in the tipis, yurts, or farm barn, and enjoy other aspects of our outpost camping experience. Mini Outpost Adventure campers will also swim in the pool, participate in Bible Studies, go creek stomping, go on a pony ride, and much more.

Mini Outpost Adventure 1 June 9-11
Mini Outpost Adventure 2 July 11-13
Mini Outpost Adventure 3 July 14-16


Ages 6-9 | 4:00pm-5:00pm

Lil’ donkey, lil’ horse, lil’ friends! Campers will stay in the farm barn or tipis and hang out with our miniature donkey & horses, bunnies, sheep and Scottish Highland Cows. We’ll learn about bees and taste local Wesley Woods honey, go on a pony ride, and swim in the pool! Campers will also participate in Bible studies tailored to their age group.

Lil’ Friends on the Farm 2   July 7-9


Your week will be filled, growing faith filled friendships with horses and humans!  You will spend time learning new skills while building great foundations in faith and Christian fellowship.

$575 | $460
Ages 9-14 | 4/4:30-5:00pm-5:00pm

NEW format! For all horse enthusiasts regardless of experience level. All things horse each day: riding lessons, obstacle courses, games and ground activities. Master the basics and participate in horse activities based on your skills and interest. Enjoy some of the best traditional camp activities in addition to horses as well!

Horse Camp 1  | Inpost | June 6-11

Horse Camp 2 | Outpost | June 13-18

Horse Camp 3 | Outpost | June 20-25

Horse Camp 4 | Outpost | June 27-July 2

Horse Camp 5   Outpost | July 5-9 | $460

Horse Camp 6 | Outpost | July 11-16

Horse Camp 7 | Outpost | July 18-23

Horse Camp 8 | Outpost | July 25-30

Horse Camp 9 | Inpost | August 1-6

$575 | $460
Ages 14-17| 4/4:30-5:00pm-5:00pm

NEW format! For horse enthusiasts with solid level 2 skills OR those who are entering high school and interested in working toward Junior Barn Crew and Staff. Learn leadership in and out of the arena while advancing your relational horsemanship skills.

A. Horse Camp 1 | Outpost | June 27-July 2

A. Horse Camp 2 | Outpost | July 5-9  $460

A. Horse Camp 3 | Outpost | July 11-16

A. Horse Camp 4 | Inpost | July 25-30

Leadership Training

Your week will be filled, growing faith filled friendships with horses and humans!  You will spend time learning new skills while building great foundations in faith and Christian fellowship.

$20 Application Fee
Ages 16-17

Love Wesley Woods and want to make a difference in the lives of campers? Join us in making 2020 the best summer it can be! Junior Staff will work in the kitchen, help with maintenance projects, lead games and crafts as part of the ministry team or be a leader in a cabin group. Junior Staff wanting to be part of the Equestrian Team should indicate so on applications. All those applying for Junior Staff will need to provide references and be available for an in-person or phone interview. Applications are available in January. Please call us at 515-961-4523 for more information.

$400 | $384
Ages 14-15 | 4:30-5:00pm

Join us for our second summer of this unique program. Youth in the Leaders-in-Training program will spend two consecutive weeks at Wesley Woods learning about different styles of leadership and leaders in the Bible, helping with service projects, and enjoying many other camp activities – such as our high ropes course, swimming, and canoeing. An opportunity that you don’t want to miss – space is limited, so sign up soon!

June 13 – 25 | $400

July 5 – 16 | $384  (One Day Shorter)

July 18 – 30 | $400

Affiliate Camps

With Annual Conference being a virtual event in 2021 there will not be Annual Conference Day Camp at Wesley Woods in 2021.

See you in 2022!

Ages 8-17| 3:00pm-5:30pm

A camp for youth that have a family member
currently or formerly incarcerated. This is a fantastic
three-day camp experience, during which campers
will get to enjoy the low ropes course, rock wall,
canoe, go for a horse ride, and so much more.
Campers will have the opportunity to learn more
about themselves and their faith through daily Bible
Study times! This camp is generously supported
by the Iowa U.M. Church, The Board of Church and
Society, and many other individuals and churches
across Iowa!

Camp Hope  | June 13-15

All Confirmands| 4:30-5:00pm-5:00pm

A chance for confirmands to step outside their comfort
zone and experience God in new ways. Wesley Woods
will once again be teaming up with U.M. Pastors to
ensure this confirmation experience meets the spiritual
needs of campers! Confirmands will get to swim in
the pond and pool, take a horse ride, tackle the rock
wall, and enjoy many other activities that Wesley
Woods has to offer. Enjoy meals in the dining hall and
air-conditioned lodging.

Confirmation Camp     June 13-18

Ages 9-17 | 5/5:30pm

A great camp experience for those involved with
MUMMs ministry. Campers will experience God’s love
through swimming, canoeing, a horse ride, climbing
the rock wall, hiking, journeys, large group worship, and
daily Bible studies! A fun week campers won’t forget!

Joy Camp     July 25-30