We offer a variety of activities at Wesley Woods. If you would like more information, pricing or to schedule activities for your retreat please contact the Retreat Coordinator by emailing or calling 515-961-4523 Ext. 101.

Visit the diverse areas of the camp by wagon! There are Yurts, Covered Wagons, a Sod House, and Tee Pees to see, farm animals to visit, and much more. You might even learn a little Iowa history!

Ride lasts 45 min.- 1 hour, wagon seats 30 people

Mentoring mindfully connected horses and humans.  Offering trauma informed, relationship based Equine assisted services:  Connected horsemanship lessons & groups, MESH programs, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching in an inclusive Christian setting. Email

Sessions or full retreats for individuals, families, teams & groups or register to join our pre-packaged retreat experiences.  Email

Enjoy a dip in our pool. Lifeguards will be there to make sure everyone has a safe, fun time. Our pool is typically open from late May to early September.

*Max 60 people in pool at a time.

Enjoy a dip in our pond/aquatic area! Lifeguards will be there to make sure everyone has a safe, fun time. Broken Arrow is typically open from late May to early September and includes a variety of exciting water based activities.

Witness the beauty of God’s world as you embark on an exciting canoe adventure. Quietly move closer to beaver, deer, Blue Herons, Kingfisher, and waterfowl. Lifejackets Mandatory. Wesley Woods will provide lifeguards.

*Maximum 30 people

Take a peaceful pontoon ride around Lake Ahquabi. Observe wild life or enjoy a sunset.

Lifejackets Mandatory. Lifeguard provided by Wesley Woods.

*Maximum 8 people

Grab a helmet and harness as you work with our safety trained instructors and scale our 30 ft. climbing wall. Participants will develop unity as some climb and others assist on the ground.

* Minimum 6 people/Maximum 25 people per session

Wesley Woods will provide staff, transportation, poles, and bait. Now all you have to do is catch that HUGE fish!

*Groups may fish on their own if they chose to bring own poles and tackle.

Search for northern astronomy or an earthen house. Classify native plants, identify local trees, or discover animal tracks.

We offer a variety of hikes led by Wesley Woods’ staff to help your group learn about the marvels of God’s creation at this very special place.

Join in games led by Wesley Woods Staff. They are designed to build teamwork, communication skills, and trust.

Stormy Hollow is designed to build trust as your team faces challenges and learns how to work better together while participating in different elements. Minimum age is 8 years old.’

*Max 15 people per session

Stormy Heights challenges individuals and group while participants go through obstacles 35 ft. in the air! Minimum age is 11 years old.

*Minimum 6 people/Maximum 25 people per session

Let our staff teach you the basics, then test your new skills shooting at our standard target or 3D range!  Equipment provided. Minimum age is 8 years old.

*Minimum 10 people/ Maximum 15 people per session